The college is implementing an admit to major process that will utilize one application for all engineering programs. This new process goes beyond the traditional grade metric and incorporates a multi-factor review through which the voices and stories of all of our aspiring engineering students can be told.

Only students enrolled within the College of Engineering are permitted to participate in this admission to major process.

Students interested in engineering, but who are currently enrolled in a program outside of the College of Engineering are advised to change into an Engineer pre-major as soon as they meet the criteria.

Criteria to Change into the College of Engineering

Students who meet the following four criteria will be permitted to change into the College of Engineering pre-major program:

  1. have a 2.5 or better cumulative OSU GPA
  2. have earned 12 hours or more of graded OSU credit (excluding terms of enrollment through post-secondary enrollment programs such as Academy)
  3. have completed Calculus II (Math 1172 or 1152); or direct equivalent transfer or EM credit for Math 1152 or higher
  4. have credit for one of Chemistry 1210, Chemistry 1250, or Physics 1250

When to Request to Change

Students are required to be enrolled in the College of Engineering to participate in the admission to major process, students should request to change as soon as possible. Students can submit a request to change during the semester they are completing the eligibility criteria. For example, if a student is currently enrolled in Math 1172 and has already completed their science course, they are encourage to submit a request.

Note: Requests from students currently enrolled in their eligibility coursework at another college/university may be delayed. Requests can only be reviewed once all transfer credit is received and processed by Ohio State. Students unable to transfer their credit before the the next semester begins will need to resubmit their request to change into the college after the next semester.

How to Change

Students should submit a Change to Engineering Pre-Major request form by the deadline listed below.

To understand your interests in our programs, students will be asked to indicate the three majors they are most interested within the college. Students will apply to three majors within the College of Engineering during the admission to major process. These selections do not commit students to these majors. Students will be changed into their first choice pre-major program if their request is approved.

Summer 2021

Effective for Autumn 2021

Deadline has passed

Autumn 2021

Effective for Spring 2022

Deadline has passed

Review and Notification

Requests to change into the college are reviewed at the end of each semester. Students will be notified one week after final grades are due. Students that meet the eligibility criteria will automatically be changed into their requested pre-major program. Students that have submitted a request form and no longer wish to change into the college should ask the desired pre-major program to cancel their request form.