Academic Path Peers

Because of Covid-19, we are unfortunately not offering the APP program for 2020-2021.


Exploring majors and not sure where to start? There's an APP for that!



Academic Path Peers, or APPs, are  undergraduate students who are available to answer questions and chat with current students about life as an engineering student in their specific major or pre-major. APPs can talk to you about their own experiences choosing an engineering major, getting involved on campus, finding a work/study/life balance, and life as a Buckeye. These conversations can help you figure out your own individual academic path. Plus, it's a great way to meet other engineering students and make Ohio State feel like home!

How does it work?

APPs are partnered with students in the Engineering Undeclared program as part of Engineering 1100.15 (University Survey) during their first semester at Ohio State. These students can work with their assigned APP to talk about their major exploration, adjustment to Ohio State, or ways to connect with other APPs in the program.

If you aren't in Engineering 1100.15, or if you are but want to chat with an APP in another program, follow these steps to connect with an APP.

Step 1: Meet our APPs online.

Use our directory to search for APPs by major, co-curricular experience, work experience, and more. Read their bios to learn about their involvement, major exploration, and pieces of advice for new students.

Step 2: Fill out an APP Connect Form.

Once you find an APP you'd like to chat with, fill out the APP Connect Form. Our office will send you and the student an email introducing you to one another to get the conversation started.

How do I become an APP?

If you are interested in serving as an APP during the 2021-22 academic year, you can review information about the expectations of the role. Check back in March 2021 to submit an application!