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Engineering Academic Success & Engagement

COVID-19 Advising Information:

In accordance with The Ohio State University’s measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the College of Engineering Undergraduate Advising offices will be closed to in-person visitors until further notice.

Effective March 16, all advising appointments will be held by phone, via email, or via Zoom.  Students should contact their advisor to learn how best to schedule an appointment.  The safety of our students is our top priority.  While we know this causes a disruption in our usual operations, we are committed to still providing you with the best academic advising possible.  Please contact your advisor using their email address listed below.  Thank you. 


Welcome to advising in the Office of Engineering Academic Success & Engagement! Our program supports students in the following advising groups:

Engineering Undeclared
Engineering Re-Exploring
Green Engineering Scholars
Humanitarian Engineering Scholars and Minors
University Honors
Undergraduate Research

We are excited to work with you and help you on your academic path.

Where is the advising office located?

Office Location: 2070 Neil Ave. Hitchcock Hall Room 025

When should I schedule an appointment?

Appointments can last up to 30 minutes at a time. You should schedule an appointment for topics like:

  • Changing into the Engineering Undeclared program
  • Learning about the Honors program and undergraduate research
  • Talking through decisions and weighing options
  • Planning your courses and scheduling
  • Exploring majors and minors
  • Reviewing petitions and evaluating coursework
  • Checking on your progress and performance

To schedule an appointment: 

  • Go to OnCourse.
  • Select "Schedule Academic Advising."
  • Select "Engineering Academic Success and Engagement."
  • Select the reason you want to meet with an advisor.
  • Select the location "Engineering Academic Success and Engagement - 025 Hitchcock Hall."
  • Choose an advisor.
  • Select an available time.
  • Add any additional comments you want your advisor to review and prepare for your appointment.
  • Select "Confirm Appointment."
  • If you have any issues scheduling an appointment, please contact

Keep in mind that, while we try to accommodate requests, our advisors sometimes do not have availability for a few weeks due to student appointments. This happens particularly during times when students schedule classes. Plan ahead and schedule your appointment well in advance!

Walk-in appointments will be the first two weeks of each semester.

SP20: January 6th - 17th        HOURS: 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

When should I email my advisor?

Emailing your advisor with questions you have is another great way to connect.

Always contact your advisor directly through your OSU Buckeyemail. Advisors are not able to respond to academic questions to an external email address, due to FERPA. Also, external email addresses may be filtered into your advisor's junk folder. OSU Buckeyemail is the only way to communicate electronically with your advisor.

How do I change into the Engineering Undeclared program?

Are you a student who is currently in the College of Engineering? If so, changing pre-majors is easy! You can request to change into the Engineering Undeclared program by emailing an Undeclared advisor or setting up an appointment.

Are you a student who is not in the College of Engineering? If so, please review the admission requirements to change into the College of Engineering pre-major program.

If you meet the criteria, we recommend setting up an appointment with an advisor to change into our program. That way, you and your advisor can talk about the program, the admission to major process, review your schedule, and answer any questions you may have. 

Which advisor should I work with?

Each of our advisors has his/her own personal style and we encourage students to work with the advisor who best suits their needs. Our advisors also work with special populations, so choose an advisor who specializes in your advising group.

Our Advising Staff


Mary Leist

Director of Academic Advising

Advises: Undeclared, Re-Exploring

Additional Responsibilities: oversees and coordinates advising for the College of Engineering, petitions, academic standing



Mike Knisley

Coordinator of Academic Advising

Advises: Undeclared, Re-Exploring, First Year Honors, Honors Contract, Honors Research and Undergraduate Research

Additional Responsibilities: campus change, undergraduate research and distinction, FEH

Rachel Tuttle

Humanitarian Engineering Scholars Program Manager

Advises: Undeclared, Humanitarian Engineering Minor

Additional Responsibilities: Humanitarian Engineering Minor advising, Humanitarian Engineering Scholars

Shalonda Makupson-Tilford

Green Engineering Scholars Program Manager

Advises: Undeclared

Additional Responsibilities: Green Engineering Scholars


Stephanie Rinehart

Coordinator of Academic Advising

Advises: Undeclared, Re-Exploring



Rachel Lemaster

Office Associate

Responsibilities: administrative support for advising office, schedule of classes, appointment scheduling