Exploring Engineering



The profession of engineering resides in the intersection of technical knowledge, societal need, and creativity and innovation. Engineers use math and science as tools to create and improve structures, devices, systems, processes, and experiences.

Students who are successful in this discipline and profession:


  • enjoy problem solving and analytical thinking
  • are creative and think outside the box to generate solutions
  • like to be challenged
  • are drawn to applying the knowledge they gain to real-world situations
  • hone strong time management skills
  • are curious about the world around them
  • work well in teams and possess good communication skills
  • desire to make a difference in the world

The College of Engineering offers fourteen undergraduate degrees. It is important for you to learn a little about each program. While you will find some to which you are more drawn than others, your career will require you to work with multidisciplinary teams in many areas of engineering as well as other backgrounds. Click below to learn more about each discipline and program at Ohio State:



Aerospace Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Engineering Physics

Engineering Technology

Environmental Engineering

Food, Ag, Biological Engineering

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Welding Engineering