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Grand Challenges

Undergraduate students at Ohio State have the opportunity to participate in the National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenge Scholars Program, or GCSP.  The GCSP combines extracurricular and curricular components to better prepare students to solve the greatest challenges facing society.

Students who participate in the GCSP at Ohio State will be immersed in a very unique educational experience. Students will journey through five key themes:

  • Hands-on project or research experience related to a Grand Challenge
  • Interdisciplinary curriculum
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation experience
  • Global awareness
  • Service learning

Through participation in the GCSP, high-achieving students will immerse themselves in an academic model that will better prepare them to change the world and engineer a path to the future.

The goal of the GCSP is to prepare young engineers to confront these challenges with a multidisciplinary, socially aware, and entrepreneurial background.  The program will increase the awareness of the next generation of engineers in the issues facing the world today through a broadened curriculum and diverse extracurricular components.  See the below links for further information:


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