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Honors Contract

The College of Engineering offers outstanding students several ways of distinguishing themselves, including the Honors Contract program. The Honors Contract is designed to recognize undergraduate students who complete a rigorous, well-rounded portfolio of experiences, both inside and outside the classroom, in order to enhance their Bachelor of Science degree in their desired field of Engineering. Upon completion of an Honors Contract, you will earn the designation of Graduation With Honors in Engineering. 

Please review the Honors Contract Informational Packet to learn more about the program's requirements and begin planning!

Pre-AU21 Informational Packet (for students admitted to OSU prior to AU21)

AU21 and Later Informational Packet (for students admitted to OSU in AU21 or later)

The Honors Contract requires careful planning throughout your entire college experience to ensure that you attain experiences that develop your skills in academic coursework, investigational studies, and community leadership. You will need to determine how you will incorporate the components of your Honors Contract during your entire time at OSU. Examples of Honors Contract experiences students incorporate include:

  • completing Honors coursework and advanced coursework beyond your degree requirements,
  • pursuing a minor,
  • participating in a study abroad program,
  • presenting at a research conference,
  • completing a research internship,
  • serving in a leadership position in a student organization,
  • conducting research and completing an Honors research thesis,
  • participating in community service with a local non-profit organization,
  • and many more!

Each student’s Honors Contract will be specialized for his or her personal goals, interests, and past accomplishments.  

Honors Contract Portal

Students can create, access, and update their Honors Contract by visiting the Honors Contract Portal.

Honors Contract Exceptions

If you have completed (or plan on completing in the future) activities which are not specifically listed on the Honors Contract, but feel the experience fits with the requirements, you can submit an Honors Contract Exception Petition.  The Engineering Honors Committee will review your petition and determine if you will be allowed to use the experience on the Honors Contract. Information about the Honors Contract Exception Petition can be found in the Honors Contract Informational Packet (see link on right) and can actually be submitted in the Honors Contract Portal (see link above).