Honors, Scholars, and the GCSP

The Grand Challenges Scholars Program (GCSP) is an exciting program for Engineering students who desire to do more with their undergraduate career.  Because it is a partnership with a national organization (the National Academy of Engineering), it is not affiliated with the University Honors & Scholars Center.  This page will help you understand what the GCSP is, and how it can be used in conjuction with the programs the University Honors & Scholars Center offers.

Honors at Ohio State

The Engineering Honors program is officially recognized by the University Honors & Scholars Center and allows high-achieving students to take a challenging curriculum and provides an opportunity for advanced enrichment programs.  Engineering Honors students can choose to complete an Honors Contract, pursue Honors Research, or both.  The Honors Contract allows students to build a portfolio of experiences both inside and outside the classroom and graduate with Honors in Engineering.  Honors Research allows students to delve deeply into an area of interest and concludes in writing a thesis and conducting an oral defense and graduate with Honors Research Distinction.  To learn more about these options for students in the Engineering Honors Program, visit our webpages for Honors Contract and Honors Research.

Scholars at Ohio State

There are many Scholars programs at Ohio State which are also officially recognized by the Honors & Scholars Center.  The Scholars programs which reside in the College of Engineering are the Engineering Scholars Program and the Humanitarian Engineering Scholars Program.  These programs focus on community development as a way to engage students more fully in their academic pursuits.  Students in these programs take classes together and participate in a variety of theme-specific co-curricular activities during their first two years as undergraduate students.  For more information, visit the Ohio State Scholars program website.

The Grand Challenges Scholars Program

The Grade Challenges Scholars Program (GCSP) is not affiliated with the University Honors & Scholars Center, but rather is affiliated and endorsed by the National Academy of Engineering.  As a national program, Ohio State students participating in the GCSP are working towards similar requirements as students at other universities around the country.  These requirements provide students with rich yet focused experiences which more fully prepares Engineering students to tackle the most important issues of the future.  For more information about these requirements, visit the GCSP Requiremetns webpage.


For more information, you can visit the Grand Challenges Scholars Program national website.