Knowlton School

The Knowlton School has full-time undergraduate academic advisors dedicated to assisting students.  Students are encouraged to meet often with our advising staff to discuss their academic progress and any questions or concerns they may have. 

Programs offered through the Knowlton School include:
Majors: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and City and Regional Planning
Minors: Architectural Studies, Landscape Architectural Studies, City and Regional Planning

Where is the advising office located?

Office: 100 Knowlton Hall (ground floor)
Phone: 614-292-1012
Schedule an advising appointment online or call Schedule an advising appointment call 614-292-1012
Click here to visit the program's website.

When should I schedule an appointment?

Currently enrolled Ohio State University students are encouraged to schedule advising appointments in advance online. Appointments may be scheduled up to seven business days in advance.

Appointments are preferred. Advance request for an appointment allows advisors adequate time to review your record, to prepare for your questions, and to research items you mention in your appointment reason. Appointments encourage conversation and lead to strong advisor-student relationships. The two-way conversation in an appointment gives both advisors and students the chance to communication clearly and to be sure the other party understands the information shared.

Topics to discuss in an appointment:

  • Talking through decisions and weighing options
  • Planning your courses and scheduling
  • Exploring Knowlton majors and minors
  • Reviewing petitions and evaluating coursework
  • Checking on your progress and performance

Click here to schedule an advising appointment.

When should I come to walk-in hours?

Walk-in hours should be used for quick questions only. Examples of appropriate questions for walk-in hours include:

  • Submission of a signed, completed course enrollment permission form
  • Pick up a copy of a curriculum sheet
  • Referral to another office on campus
  • Follow up on petitions
  • Inquiry to find enrollment appointment time
  • Inquiry to locate the source of a hold on account

Other topics should be addressed in a scheduled advising appointment: 

Advising Office Walk-In Hours

Tuesdays: 1pm-3pm

Thursdays 10am-12pm

Note: walk-in hours are tentative to change and are not available over breaks.

When should I email an advisor?

Emailing your advisor with questions you have is another great way to connect. Keep in mind that, due to the limitations of written communication, conversing over email is not the same as talking one-on-one with your advisor in person. As a general rule, stick to questions that are primarily transactional in nature: 

  • asking for a copy of a form
  • verifying a course equivalency
  • sending documentation such as a signed course enrollment permission slip or a request to drop a class

All official office and academic communication is sent to your Ohio State email address. Academic information cannot be sent to an external email address.

Tips for communicating effectively through email

Always contact your advisor directly through your OSU Buckeyemail. Advisors are not able to respond to academic questions to an external email address, due to FERPA. Also, external email addresses may be filtered into your advisor's junk folder. OSU Buckeyemail is the only way to communicate electronically with your advisor.

When emailing advisors, always use the exact emails listed below. Do not enter the email address of your advisors as "" Advisors do not have email addresses ending in Instead, always use "" as it appears in the contact information below.

Please allow two full business days for a reply from an advisor. This excludes weekends and holidays. Keep in mind the time you send an email. Emails sent late at night cannot be responded to immediately the next morning, as advisors tend to work through their messages from the oldest to most recent.

Do not email multiple advisors. Emailing each advisor separately will not prompt a quicker reply. Instead, it will likely cause a delay in receiving a response as advisors determine if the email is a duplicate. This can also cause a delay in the response time your fellow students receive from advisors.

If you email with a detailed question or multiple questions, we may ask you to schedule an appointment. This is to ensure that our advising staff can properly convey the information you need and you have the opportunity for additional discussions and questions.

If you have an urgent issue, please call us at 614-292-1012 to discuss your concern and to find out how best to be in touch with an advisor. 

How do I change into the program?

Students interested in architecture, landscape architecture, or city and regional planning majors should schedule an appointment with a Knowlton advisor to change into the program.

Before your appointment, please review the Knowlton website for information about pursuing our program and admissions criteria.

If you are in good academic standing at the university -- OSU GPA of 2.0 or higher -- you are eligible to change into the Knowlton School as a pre-architecture, pre-landscape architecture, or city and regional planning major student.

If you are interested in pursuing one of our minor programs -- architectural studies, landscape architectural studies, or city and regional planning -- please schedule an appointment with a Knowlton advisor to discuss the minor program and plan your curriculum.

Our Advising Staff

Please visit our Knowlton undergraduate website to learn more about the Knowlton Student Services Team and find contact information for each academic advisor.