Changing Engineering Majors

The outlined process below is for current Ohio State students enrolled in the College of Engineering. If you are an incoming student who was not directly enrolled as an engineering pre-major, we strongly encourage you to consider other majors in the science, mathematics and technology fields of study. We do not recommend that incoming students start in another major with the intent of eventually pursuing engineering as we have a limited number of seats and this may add time to degree. Students can review majors at

Currently Enrolled in an Engineering Pre-Major

If you are currently enrolled in an engineering pre-major and want to change to a different engineering pre-major, contact an engineering academic advisor in your new program of interest. The deadline to change your pre-major is the First Friday of the semester. After that day, you can still request to change your pre-major, but it will not officially be changed until the following semester.

You can complete many foundational math, science and engineering courses before officially enrolling in your desired pre-major program. These courses include:

  • Calculus
  • Calculus-Based Physics
  • Fundamentals of Engineering (ENGR 1181.01 and 1181.02)
  • Chemistry

Taking these courses will allow you to master the foundational principles critical to the engineering curriculum and explore your interest in the discipline.

Changing Out of the College of Engineering

If you are currently enrolled in the College of Engineering and want to change to a program outside of the College of Engineering, contact an academic advisor in your new program of interest to learn more about the program and any admission criteria you may need to meet. You can find contact information for all advising offices at Ohio State by visiting