Name & Address Changes

In order to ensure your diploma is printed and, if needed, mailed correctly, you may need to submit a name change or update your mailing address.

Name Changes

Diplomas will be printed using your primary name on the university system. You will also receive a Candidate Information email that will list your name as it will appear on your diploma.

To officially change your name on your academic record, you must submit a Request for Change of Record form along with appropriate documentation verifying your name change to Buckeyelink on Lane by the 8th Friday of the semester. Name changes entered through your student center, updating your "Preferred Name" without documentation, will NOT change the name printed on your diploma. 

If you submit a Request for Change of Record form to the Student Service Center, you also need to email with an update about the changes you requested.

Address Changes

It's important that you make sure your permanent address in Buckeye Link is correct. If for any reason the university needs to mail your diploma to you, it will be sent to the permanent address listed in your Student Center.

To change your address:
1. Go to “My Student Center” in Buckeye Link.
2. Go to the “Personal Information” section.
3. Click on “Permanent Address”.
4. Click on the “edit” button.
5. Update address information and click on “OK”.
6. Choose the date on which your changes should take effect.
7. Click on “Save”.