Pass / Non-Pass

For AU20 PASS/NON-PASS, please go to this link: AUTUMN 2020


You can opt to change the grading basis of certain classes to Pass / Non-Pass. This means that your final grade in the course will be either Pass or Non-Pass. Neither mark affects your OSU GPA. Courses in which you earn Pass will count towards earned hours. Courses in which you earn Non-Pass will not count towards earned hours. You cannot take any courses Pass / Non-Pass which are being used to fulfill a degree requirement. This includes major requirements as well as General Education courses.

Taking a course Pass / Non-Pass typically only makes sense if you want to complete a free elective that is not being applied to your degree and in which you do not want the grade to impact your OSU GPA. If you have questions about taking a course as Pass / Non-Pass, contact your academic advisor. 

The deadline to register to take a full-semester class Pass / Non-Pass is the 4th Friday of the semester.