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Pass/NonPass Contacts and Guidelines For Current Engineering Students

College of Engineering and Knowlton School of Architecture Policy on Pass/No-Pass (PA/NP) grading for SP2020:

  • Consistent with the university resolution, the PA/NP option is extended to all major and minor courses (i.e. all degree requirements) for undergraduate and graduate programs in COE and KSA.
  • Students will have until April 17 to make this choice known to their academic advisor.
  • Admission to major decisions will still be made based on letter grades earned in accordance with policies already in place.  Students may wish to weigh that when considering P/NP.
  • To further mediate the impact of this unusual situation the College of Engineering emphasizes that the “I” (incomplete) may be an appropriate option to allow extra time for completing work, and the completion deadline for SP20 has been extended from the 6th Friday of Summer Term to the 10th Friday.


Click here for PA/NP guidelines for each Undergraduate Department.



Aviation – Melanie

Aerospace – Abby

Biomedical – Corinne

Chemical and Biomolecular – Brian

Civil – Barry

Computer Science – Nikki

Electrical and Computer – Alissa

Engineering Physics – Lindsey

Environmental – Barry

FABE – Kelli

Industrial Science – Katie

Materials Science – Megan

Mechanical – Abby

Welding – Megan

Undeclared/Re-exploring – Mary

Knowlton School of Architecture - Advising 

Financial Aid and Scholarships (Engineering Students)

                                                                      Angela (KSA Students) 

                                                                      Please include name of the specific scholarship in your query



Biomedical - Melanie

Chemical and Biomolecular - Angela

Civil, Environmental, and Geodetic - Dina

Computer Science - Zanetta or Kitty

Electrical and Computer - Beth or Patricia

Engineering Education - Ana

FABE - Candy

Industrial and Systems - Amy

Materials Science - Mark

Mechanical and Aerospace - Nicklaus or Megan

Welding Engineering - Mark

Knowlton School of Architecture - Jon