Transfer Credit & Credit By Exam

If you are transferring any credit to Ohio State or completing an examination credit test to fulfill a degree requirement during your graduation term, follow the instructions below.

Transfer Credit Completed Before Your Final Semester

Many students choose to complete coursework at other institutions to fulfill degree requirements at OSU. For the college to complete the degree certification progress, all transfer credit must be posted to the student's OSU record before their final semester begins. Thus, students are required to transfer all credit from other institutions to OSU before the first day of class of their final semester

Completing Transfer Credit During Your Final Semester

In general, students are discouraged from waiting until their last semester at Ohio State to transfer credit from another institution. However, if you plan to do so, please make sure that you follow proper procedures so that every effort can be made to have the credit posted as soon as possible.

It is the student’s responsibility to

  1. confirm with your advisor whether the course(s) taken will fulfill the intended academic requirements at Ohio State;
  2. review the academic calendar of the other institution, including grade release dates, to ensure you can still meet Ohio State deadlines;
  3. indicate on your application to graduate that you intend to complete transfer credit in your final semester; and
  4. have an official transcript sent from the host institution to Ohio State as soon as your final grade(s) are available.

You should review the instructions for sending official transcripts to Ohio State, which are available at

After you have completed the course and have requested a transcript to be sent to Ohio State, you can monitor your Transfer Credit Report online at Buckeye Link. After the transcript has been delivered, and Ohio State has reviewed the credit, it will be posted to your record and will appear on this report. Ohio State cannot confer a degree until the credit is officially posted to your Transfer Credit Report and has been reviewed by your advisor. Due to the time required for this process, most students completing transfer credit in their final semester do not have the process completed in time to receive their degree or diploma at the Commencement Ceremony. Students in this situation will have until the university deadline, the Friday of the second week of the subsequent term, in order to resolve any outstanding transfer credit or requirements needed to complete the degree. 

Credit By Examination

If you plan on completing some of your required coursework via Credit by Examination (EM credit), the College will check to see if your EM credit for required coursework has posted to your record by the Friday of the 10th Week of your graduating semester. You are required to complete the tests for EM credit early in the semester in order to avoid any issues with credit posting.

If your EM credit has not posted by the Friday of the 10th Week of the semester, at that point you will be removed from the Graduation Candidate List for that semester. You will NOT be permitted to participate in the Commencement Ceremony until your EM credit posts. If you earn EM credit after this deadline, notify the departmental advisor as soon as possible and you will be re-added to the Graduation Candidate List and permitted to participate in Commencement. If your EM credit never posts, you will NOT be permitted to participate in the Commencement Ceremony for this semester and will need to submit another graduation application to your advisor with your new semester of graduation.

Please note that, according to the policy from the Office of Testing, EM tests cannot be repeated. You can find more information about earning EM credit through the Office of Testing.

After you have completed any tests for EM credit, you can monitor your record by running an Advising Report via the Student Center on Buckeye Link. Once the credit has been posted to your Ohio State record, it will appear on this report.