Undergraduate Student Research Placement Tool

The Undergraduate Student Research Placement Tool (USRPT) is a College-wide platform that will allow you to submit a single application and be considered for multiple research positions across the college for Summer 2021.  You will have the opportunity to indicate your top research positions in the application.

Why Research?

  • Offers the opportunity to contribute to a research project that helps solve some of societies’ most demanding challenges.
  • Offers the opportunity to explore a possible future career path.
  • Helps prepare you for graduate/professional school or a research career.
  • Further develops your analytical, problem-solving and communication skills to reinforce and apply your classroom learning.
  • Helps you build strong relationships with faculty, graduate students and other researchers.
  • May offer a paid position or the opportunity to meet Honors program requirements.

How to Apply

The Summer 2021 application is now closed!  We hope to continue to offer this tool again in the near future. Please check back here for updates!

Review the application steps below. It is recommended that you have your resume ready and write the short essay responses BEFORE starting the application.

  1. Review general open research positions.
  2. Complete the online application, which includes:
    1. Research statement (max 1000 characters): Describe your research interests. Be careful not to define them too narrowly. You can also share that you are still defining your interests and would be open to any available project.
    2. Personal statement (max 1000 characters): What is your motivation for research? Share your goals and how summer research will help you achieve those goals (Are you interested in an eventual career in academia, industry, or government?) What qualities would you contribute to a research lab/team (leadership and communication skills, work ethic, passion for specific research areas, etc)?
    3. Resume (1-page pdf please)
  3. Reach out to faculty directly to express your interest in their research and keep an eye out for emails from faculty regarding their responses to your application!