If a class you want to take is full, you will have the option to add to the waitlist. Students are added to the waitlist in numerical order, based on when they schedule. When someone already enrolled in the course drops it, the person who is in position 1 on the waitlist is automatically enrolled in the course if there are no time conflicts with other classes and if the class does not exceed the 18 credit hour limit. Then, everyone behind them moves up one place. You are not guaranteed a spot in a class you are waitlisted for. Therefore, if there is an open seat at another time that fits into your schedule, it is recommended that you choose that time instead in order to get a seat. Prioritize getting into a class you need over getting the exact time you want.

The waitlist process will only add students as seats become available through the first Friday of the term. After the first Friday, the waitlist process stops enrolling students. During the second week of the term, you can only add a class if the professor gives you permission to add the class by signing a Course Enrollment Permission form, or if the department's central course office gives you permission. For example, permission to enroll in foundational math courses which are closed is granted only by the Math Course Office, not the individual instructor. Instructions on enrollment in a closed math course during the second week can be found on the Department of Mathematics website. After the second week of the term, you cannot add with a Course Enrollment Permission form signed by the professor. You will need to fill out a Late Add Petition and receive permission from both the instructor and the department chair of the course offering unit. Late add petitions are not guaranteed and may require you to pay incur a $100 late add fee even if approved.

Keep the time you are waitlisted for a class open in your schedule! If you have a time conflict with another class, the waitlist will not add you. You will be skipped and the next person on the waitlist will be added.