The College of Engineering currently awards fourteen distinct undergraduate degrees. The curriculum of each degree is distinct and can be viewed via the Major Curriculum Sheets, but all are comprised of four components: the College Core, the Select Core, the Major, and the General Education.

College Core

The College Course are foundational math, science and engineering courses that are required of all majors in the College of Engineering. If you are completely undecided about which engineering discipline to pursue, enroll in these courses as you explore the various majors:

  • Introduction to Ohio State: ENGR 1100 or ENGR 1110 & 1120. (Students who completed an OSU Survey course while enrolled in another program, such as EXP 1100, can use that course to fulfill this requirement.
  • Calculus: MATH 1151-1172 or MATH 1151-1152-2153 or MATH 1161-1162 or MATH 1181H-2182H
  • Calculus-Based Physics: PHYSICS 1250
  • Fundamentals of Engineering: ENGR 1181-1182 or ENGR 1186-1187-1188 or ENGR 1281H-1282H

Select Core

The Select Core coursework includes additional math, science and engineering coursework critical to your engineering discipline. This will vary by major and may include coursework in areas such as chemistry, physics, statistics, programming, mathematics, and intermediate coursework in your engineering discipline. To view your degree's select core coursework, review the Major Curriculum Sheet.


Your major coursework incorporates the content specific to your engineering discipline. The major coursework supplies the depth to your education and prepares your for complex problems and projects within your profession. In order to enroll in major coursework, you will need to apply to your major and be accepted. To view your major coursework, review the Major Curriculum Sheet.

General Education

The General Education (GE) provides the breadth to your curriculum and explores topic areas in the liberal arts. Through your GE coursework you will develop skills critical thinking, reading, writing, analysis, contextual understanding, and citizenship.

To review your GE requirements and course list, visit the General Education section.