General Education

An important dynamic in your engineering education lives outside of the realm of math, science, and technical courses. Your academic preparation to enter the profession of engineering includes a well-rounded, holistic body of knowledge. This breadth to your education is found in the General Education, or GE. Through your General Education courses you will learn important competencies such as:

  • the ability to communicate ideas clearly in writing and presentation
  • the ability to critically analyze arguments, weigh conflicting ideas on the basis of evidence, and assess situations
  • the ability to understand other cultures, contexts, and frames of reference
  • the awareness of ethics which are foundational to your professional development

GE Curriculum Requirements & Course List

The General Education requirements you must meet are determined by your admit term to Ohio State's undergraduate program. 

General Education Curriculum Course List 2021-2022

If you are a student who has been away from the University for three or more years, please contact an academic advisor to learn about your GE requirements.