Minor programs allow you to broaden your learning experiences, enhance your marketability, and pursue your passions. Each minor program will consist of a concentration of intermediate coursework within an academic discipline. These courses will generally be taken in addition to your degree requirements.

Just like your major, choosing a minor should be a thoughtful decision. Here are some good reasons to choose to pursue a minor:

  • You have a strong interest in an academic area outside of engineering and want to integrate it into your studies. Examples: Music, Chemistry, Creative Writing...  
  • You want to develop a specific knowledge base or skillset beyond the level taught in General Education classes related to the topic. Examples: Foreign Language, Surveying and Mapping, Video Arts... 
  • You are interested in pursuing a career in a specific industry or organizational type and want to gain more background about that type of environment. Examples: Entrepreneurship, General Business, Nonprofit Studies...

If you aren't sure whether or not you want to pursue a minor, try this effective test:

Pretend you are sitting in an interview. The recruiter notices the minor program you listed on your resume and asks you why you decided to pursue it. What answer would you give? If it's a thoughtful response about the integration of the minor with your overarching personal interests or career goals, then great! If the only response you can give is that you thought you should have a minor on your resume or that you only needed to take a few additional classes to complete it, then you should reconsider the value of pursuing it.

Unlike major programs, you do not have to apply to pursue a minor program! Just follow these guidelines:

  • Meet with your engineering academic advisor to discuss your interests, curricular planning, and confirm the minor program you intend to pursue
  • Enroll in the minor program coursework.
  • Meet any academic standards required of the program
  • Complete a Minor Program Form (if required) as part of your graduation application.

Ohio State offers over 100 minor programs from which you can choose! Explore the links below to learn more:

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