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Graduate Study

As an undergraduate student, you can pursue opportunities to enroll in graduate-level courses through the Combined BS/MS Program or through a Senior Petition.

The Combined BS/MS Program is designed for high-achieving students who want to pursue a graduate degree in an engineering field at Ohio State. Through this program, you are able to enroll in advanced coursework during your senior undegraduate year that can apply to both your undergraduate and graduate degrees at Ohio State. To learn more about the program and application process, click here

A Senior Petition allows high-achieving students to enroll in graduate-level coursework. Unlike in the Combined BS/MS Program, graduate coursework taken through a Senior Petition cannot be counted toward any undergraduate degree requirements.To learn more about the requirements and application process, click here

If you are unsure whether you should pursue the Combined BS/MS Program or a Senior Petition, set up an appointment with your undergraduate academic advisor to discuss each option.