Combined Graduate & Undergraduate Programs

The College of Engineering offers a number of combined degree (BS/MS) programs for undergraduate students with outstanding academic records to encourage them to pursue advanced degrees. This allows well-qualified undergraduate students at Ohio State to start graduate study before completing their undergraduate degree. Enrolling in a combined BS/MS program can shorten the total time to get both bachelor's and master's degrees. By enrolling in a combined BS/MS program, students are eligible to count up to 12* semester credit-hours of courses taken as a graduate student toward their bachelor's degree - and these credit-hours also count toward the master's degree. 

*Students in Aerospace, Mechanical, and Nuclear Engineering who are starting the BS/MS program during or after Autumn 2017, up to 2 courses may be double-counted toward the BS and MS degrees.


For information about the specific combined BS/MS programs in Engineering, including possible additional restrictions on undergraduate CPHR, courses that can be double-counted, timetables and procedures for application, admission, enrollment, etc., see the department-specific information and program contacts for these graduate areas:


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For more information about the competitive admission process for graduate programs, curricular requirements, or other academic questions, please contact the program contact for the specific graduate program.

For information about completing the online Graduate School forms to apply to the graduate program or to the Combined Degree program, please contact the Graduate School directly.

Admitted BS/MS students with questions about the Combined Degree Approval Forms or other program questions, please contact the College of Engineering BS/MS Program Coordinator, at