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Forms and Petitions

Course Enrollment Permission Form - use when pursuing enrollment in a class for which you need instructor permission (waive requisites, enroll in a full class, time conflict with another class, etc.)

Grade Forgiveness Petition - use when petitioning to apply grade forgiveness. Before submitting a petition, please review the grade forgiveness policy. Deadlines for grade forgiveness petitions can be found below. Petitions can be submitted after this deadline but will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed for approval. No petitions are approved after the final withdrawal date with a W for the course has passed.

Summer 2017 Courses

  • Summer Semester = Friday, June 2
  • 8-Week Session 1 = Friday, May 19
  • 8-Week Session 2 = Friday, June 16
  • 6-Week Session 1 = Friday, May 19
  • 6-Week Session 2 = Friday, June 30
  • 4-Week Session 1 = Friday, May 12
  • 4-Week Session 2 = Friday, June 9
  • 4-Week Session 3 = Friday, July 7

Autumn 2017 Courses

  • Full Semester = Friday, September 15
  • Session 1 = Friday, September 1
  • Session 2 = Friday, October 27


Drop / Withdrawal Petition - use when petitioning to withdraw from classes after the final drop deadline has passed, or when petitioning to change the effective date of a course you have already dropped. Only approved for extenuating circumstances. Review petition for more information.

Instructor Report Form - this is a stand-alone copy of the Instructor Report Form, which is part of the Drop / Withdrawal Petition. Students needing to send Instructor Report Forms can use this stand-alone document to more easily send the form to instructors for completion. Instructor Report Forms submitted to the Engineering Advising Office will only be reviewed once the student has also submitted a completed Drop / Withdrawal Petition Form

Late Course Add Petition - use when petitioning to enroll in a class after the add deadline has passed. You will need permission from both the instructor and the department chair of the course you are requesting to add. Review petition for more information

Petition for Reinstatement - use when petitioning for reinstatement after a dismissal from a department, the College of Engineering, or The Ohio State University. You should submit your Petition for Reinstatement to the program you wish to pursue, not necessarily the program from which you were dismissed. (Example: students who were dismissed from OSU while in the College of Business who now want to pursue a specific degree in the College of Engineering should submit a Petition for Reinstatement to the degree program in the College of Engineering.)

Fresh Start Application - use when petitioning to apply the Fresh Start Rule to your academic record. In order to be eligible to apply Fresh Start to your academic record, you must refrain from enrolling in any classes at OSU (any campus) for 5 consecutive academic years (20 quarter terms or 15 semester terms). If you have questions about the Fresh Start Rule and whether you should pursue it, contact an academic advisor prior to re-enrolling at Ohio State.

Application for Degree-Seeking Status in the College of Engineering - use when applying for degree-seeking status in the College of Engineering from the Extended Education program. If you have questions about whether you should pursue degree-seeking status, contact an academic advisor in the Office of Extended Education.

College Curricular Petition (Advisor access only) - students must work with an advisor to review potential coursework and submit a petition.

Forms and SIS Job Aids (Advisor access only)