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Maintaining Honors Status

The College of Engineering monitors the academic and curricular progress of Honors students at the end of each spring semester. Listed below are the requirements you will need to meet, depending on your progress through the curriculum.  If you fail to meet the criteria at the end of a year, you will loose your Honors Status.  You can always earn it back once you meet all criteria again and are back on track for graduating with Honors.

If you are currently not an Honors student, then you should also review the Joining Engineering Honors webpage.

First Spring Semester

Second Spring Semester

Honors Plan Forms and Honors Contracts are due by the last day of spring semester.  Students who do not submit an Honors Plan Form will lose their Honors status.

Third Spring Semester

  • Earn a CPHR of 3.4 or higher at the end of spring semester
  • Continue to make progress on your Honors Contract or submit an Honors Research Proposal

If you are pursuing an Honors Contract, collect verifications from components you have completed during the past year and submit to the Honors Contract advisor. If you have made significant changes to your plan, please enter revisions to your Honors Contract in the Honors Contract Portal.

If you are pursuing an Honors Research Thesis, submit an Application for Undergraduate Research, which includes your Honors Thesis Proposal and will be reviewed for possible scholarship support. If you are not yet ready to begin your research project and submit your application by this deadline, you should work directly with the Undergraduate Research Coordinator to adjust your project timeline.

Graduating Students

  • Earn a final CPHR of 3.4 or higher
  • Submit your final documentation for your Honors Contract and/or Honors Research Thesis

Students completing the Honors Contract must submit final changes in the Honors Contract Portal no later than the 2nd Friday of the semester prior to graduation. Also, final verification for the contract is due no later than the 2nd Friday of the semester of graduation. If an experience for the Honors Contract will still be in progress after the deadline, please contact the Honors Contract advisor and provide an update by the 2nd Friday deadline.

Students completing the Honors Research Thesis must submit an Honors Thesis Defense Form and a Final Thesis to the Knowledge Bank no later than four Fridays prior to their commencement date.