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Math Transfer Credit

If you are transferring math credit to Ohio State, please follow the process below to ensure your credit is fully evaluated:

Step 1: Run a Transfer Credit Report and review your credit. If any courses transferred to OSU as Math General (G000.XX), Technical (T000.XX) or Special (S000.XX) credit, you will need to have these courses evaluated by the OSU Department of Mathematics. You can find instructions on how to run a Transfer Credit Report here.

Step 2: Collect the following items for each mathematics course listed as General, Technical or Special credit:

  • DARS Transfer credit report
  • Detailed syllabus and course materials for each course to be evaluated. Course materials must include:
    • ​Title and author of textbook,
    • List of sections/chapters from the book covered in the course, and
    • Detailed topics list.
    • Note: course descriptions are not enough to complete an evaluation as they are typically very short and generalized. Also, only materials submitted by each student will be evaluated. Evaluations will not review other students' materials from a different sections or instructors. 

Step 3: Submit your materials to the Math Advising Office:

  • Email: Please note: you must send your course materials from your OSU email address. Requests for course evaluations from non-OSU email accounts cannot be accepted per the FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) guidelines.
  • Fax: 614-292-0167
  • Office Drop Off: Front Desk of Room 100, Math Tower
  • Note: In-person evaluations are not offered, due to the large number of students needing to be seen with major/minor advising questions and concerns.
  • ​Transfer credit is only evaluated one time. No re-evaluation requests are accepted. Please ensure you submit all materials.

​You can find more information about the evaluation of your current transfer credit on the Department of Mathematics website.

Pre-Evaluation of Math Transfer Credit

If you are interested in taking a math course at another institution, you should always make sure that, when transferred back to Ohio State, the course credit will fulfill the course requirement you intend. There are two ways to do this:

Option 1: Identify direct equivalency courses through the Transfer Credit Center. The OSU Transfer Credit Center has created an online database of courses at other institutions which have already been approved as direct equivalencies of OSU courses. These course equivalencies can be found online at the Transfer Center via the "OSU Quick Equivalencies" link. You can also find direct equivalency courses through Transferology. If the course is listed in either of these databases, no additional evaluation is required. Once you have sent a transcript with your completed course credit from the institution to OSU, the credit will automatically post to your OSU record as the equivalent OSU course.

Option 2: Request a pre-evaluation of course materials. If the course you intend to take at another institution is not listed in the direct equivalency databases listed above, this means that you will need to request a pre-evaluation of the course by the Department of Mathematics. You can find instructions on requesting a pre-evaluation of a math course at the Department of Mathematics website.