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Pre-Evaluating Transfer Credit

Pre-Evaluations of Transfer Credit

Students interested in taking coursework at another institution as a transient student and transferring it to OSU to fulfill a degree requirement should follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Meet with your academic advisor to discuss possible course options and how transfer credit could be incorporated into degree planning.
  • Identify potential courses through online equivalency guides, such as Transferology.
  • If the course you want to take does not appear on Transferology, collect course materials (course description or syllabus) from the external institution and work with the appropriate OSU Departmental Transfer Credit Coordinator to complete a pre-evaluation of the course materials.
  • Keep records of any pre-evaluations received.
  • Complete the course and send a final transcript from the external institution to The Ohio State University, Undergraduate Admissions, 281 West Lane Avenue, Columbus OH 43210-1132.

For more information about transfer credit, please visit the OSU Transfer Credit Center.