Re-Deciding Students

Want to explore majors outside of engineering but aren't sure where to start? There are many wonderful resources on campus that can help you with that process!

If you have already identified a new major you would like to pursue, here are some important action steps to take:

  • Learn more about the program's curriculum and admission requirements. Much of this information can be found on the program's website. By learning this information early, you can determine whether this program is a viable option for your and matches with your interests, skills and goals.
  • Talk to an Academic Path Peer. These are current students in each engineering program that are available to chat. Hearing this peer insight into a program can help you visualize what it would be like to pursue that major.
  • Meet with an academic advisor for your newly intended program. Learn about the program's requirements, connections to career and educational goals, and suggested courses to taking. To find the contact information for an advisor in your program of interest, review the program's website or visit

If you are still exploring your options, or are not sure where to start, University Exploration is your first step to getting started. Advisors in University Exploration can guide you through an assessment of your interests, goals, capabilities, and academic information to identify new programs to consider. You can also explore their online resource, What Can I Do With A Major In?

To learn more about the program or to set up an appointment with a University Exploration advisor, visit University Exploration

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