Running a Transfer Credit Report

The Transfer Credit Report is a summary of credit you have completed at external institutions and have transferred to Ohio State.The document identifies any automatic course equivalencies, converts credit hours, and provides a brief description of the title, institution, and general letter grade for each transferred course.

To view and save a copy of your Transfer Credit Report, click here.

For additional clarification on how to interpret a transfer credit report and the exact steps for credit evaluation, please review the information on “Understanding Your Transfer Credit Report.”

To view the contact list for OSU Departmental Transfer Credit Coordinators in each department, click here.

For more information about transfer credit, please visit the OSU Transfer Credit Center.

Identifying Transfer Credit For Evaluation

When transferring any course credit from another institution to Ohio State, students may need to have course credit further evaluated if it does not transfer as an OSU equivalent course. Engineering students will need to know equivalent courses in the following topic areas prior to scheduling first semester classes at orientation: math, physics, chemistry, engineering, and computer science (for Computer Science & Engineering majors in particular).

Some transferred credit may not be directly recognized as an equivalent course at OSU. This credit will be posted as general (G000.XX), technical (T000.XX) or special (S000.XX) on your Transfer Credit Report. All general, technical, and special credit must be evaluated by the OSU course department for further consideration to apply to a course or a degree requirement.

In order for Departmental Transfer Credit Coordinators to successfully evaluate transfer credit, they must receive enough material to determine the content of the course, so it can be compared to the content covered in OSU courses. For this reason, keep copies of course materials such as course syllabi and calendars, textbook titles, final papers and project reports, as Departmental Transfer Credit Coordinators may request these materials to determine the appropriate OSU course equivalency.