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Senior Petition

As an undergraduate student, you may take graduate level courses that you can apply to a future OSU graduate program without participating in the BS/MS program by submitting a Senior Petition to receive graduate credit. The requirements to be approved for a Senior Petition are as follows:

  • The student is a senior (rank 4, 90 or more completed credit hours).
  • The credit for the course is not being used to meet any baccalaureate degree requirements.
  • The student’s cumulative point-hour ratio is 3.3 or above in all undergraduate work.
  • The student secures permission by the end of the first Friday day of classes from: (1) The instructor in charge of the course, (2) The secretary of the student’s college or school, and (3) The Graduate School
  • The course is offered for graduate credit.
  • These courses may not be counted toward a graduate degree until the student has been admitted to the Graduate School and until the Graduate Studies Committee accepts them and notifies the Graduate School. If approved, the hours are counted in the student’s graduate earned and cumulative credit hours, and the grades are counted in the student’s graduate cumulative point- hour ratio. No more than 9 graduate semester credit hours may be completed under Senior Petition. This petition should be filed before acceptance to graduate school.
  • Students may not utilize Senior Petition and enroll in a BS/MS program. Students should not complete a course under senior petition if they intend to enroll in a BS/MS program. Students should consult with their academic advisors to discuss which program would be best for them to participate. 

Source: The Graduate School Handbook.

If you would like to pursue a Senior Petition, begin by working with your undergraduate academic advisor. You and your advisor can determine if you are eligible, review the courses available to you, and begin the Senior Petition paperwork.