Transfer Credit

Transfer credit consists of any credit earned at another institution that is "transferred" to Ohio State to apply to a student's new degree requirements and academic record. Some students may apply to Ohio State after enrolling at another institution and completing a significant amount of transfer credit. Other students may be currently attending Ohio State and exploring taking a class at another institution over summer term to make progress towards his/her degree. Either way, this online guide will walk you through the process, from planning to take coursework at another institution to evaluating transfer credit after completing it.

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International Transfer Credit Evaluation

Students requesting an evaluation of international transfer credit (credit from an institution outside of the United States of America) must submit certified translations of their materials to receive an evaluation. Certified translations must be hard copies with official stamps/seals on each page of the documents. Non-certified documents are oftentimes not accepted by Department Tranfser Credit Coordinators. Detailed syllabi including name and author of text, contact information of instructor and institution, and a list of course topics is required. Additional material may be requested upon initial evaluation if not enough information is included in the original documents (i.e. course textbook, project materials, etc.).