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Grade Forgiveness Rule


Submit PetitionOhio State offers an academic policy called the Grade Forgiveness Rule. Under this rule, students can petition to complete a second attempt at a course and, once completed, remove the grade of the first attempt from their OSU GPA calculation. You must submit a grade forgiveness petition to utilize this rule.

The parameters of the Grade Forgiveness Rule are as follows:

Rule Parameters

You must submit a Grade Forgiveness Petition by university deadline. For full-semester courses, this deadline is the fourth Friday of the term in which the student is enrolled in the second attempt of a course. Courses with shorter-session meeting patterns have a prorated deadline. The Office of the University Registrar publishes a summary of important dates and deadlines every term.

You can only apply grade forgiveness to up to three (3) courses during your undergraduate career. Be strategic about which courses you petition for grade forgiveness. Once a grade forgiveness petition is approved and you earn a final grade in the second attempt, you cannot cancel your petition. Once you have completed a degree at OSU, grade forgiveness cannot be applied to any grades earned prior to graduating.

Forgiveness only impacts the OSU cumulative GPA calculation. All grades remain on the student's transcript. If your grade forgiveness petition is approved, the first attempt's grade and credit hours will be removed from the OSU GPA upon completion of the second attempt.

The first attempt is always the "forgiven" grade and is removed from your OSU GPA calculation. If the grade you earn on your second attempt is lower, it is still used in your OSU GPA. Also, if you use grade forgiveness on a passing grade (D or higher) and then earn a failing grade in your second attempt, the failing grade is used in your OSU GPA and you forfeit your passing credit from your first attempt.

Courses Eligible for Grade Forgiveness

To be eligible to apply grade forgiveness to a course:

  • You must meet the requisites to enroll in the course again. Pay attention to the course requisites and any exclusionary clauses in the course description. This may involve enrolling and retaking the course prior to moving on to the next course in the sequence. For example, students who wish to use grade forgiveness on a math course must retake it before enrolling in the next course in the sequence. Review these guidelines if you plan to use grade forgiveness on a math course
  • You may not use grade forgiveness multiple times on the same course. Grade forgiveness can only be applied to the first attempt in a course.
  • The first attempt of the course must be graded at OSU. Transfer credit (K) earned at another institution, including dual enrollment credit, is considered a first attempt. This means that if you earn transfer credit for a course at another institution (first attempt), you can never use grade forgiveness on that course, even if they choose to take it at Ohio State. Course credit earned via credit by examination (EM), such as through Advanced Placement exams, is not considered the first attempt in that college course. Thus, if you have EM credit for a course and then choose to take the course at Ohio State, you can use grade forgiveness.
  • The second attempt must be completed at OSU. If you complete your second attempt in the course at another institution, you can never use grade forgiveness on that course at Ohio State. Always complete your second attempt for a course you want to forgive by enrolling in it at Ohio State. 
  • If you are seeking to repeat a high-demand course in which you have already earned a passing grade, you may not receive permission to repeat it until students who need to complete their first attempt at the course have had a chance to enroll. For critical demand courses, students who enroll in a second attempt may be disenrolled to allow students who require a first attempt to enroll. Then, after these students have been enrolled, remaining seats will be made available to students intending to complete a second attempt.
  • You can use grade forgiveness on a course in which the final grade was impacted by a decision by the Committee on Academic Misconduct. The course must still meet all other eligibility requirements for grade forgiveness.

Advising Considerations

Before using grade forgiveness, keep in mind these considerations:

  • Always talk with your academic advisor prior to enrolling in the second attempt of a course to ensure you are eligible to use forgiveness and meet all rule requirements and deadlines.
  • Academic standing is not retroactively reviewed once a first attempt's grade is removed from the GPA calculation due to forgiveness.
  • If you withdraw from your second attempt, the grade forgiveness petition is canceled and forgiveness is not applied. The withdrawn attempt does not count toward the maximum of three courses for forgiveness.

Advisor FAQs

  • Once a student has completed a degree, grade forgiveness cannot be applied to any grades during the student's graduation term or earlier.
  • Grade forgiveness is only open to undergraduate students.