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Graduation with Honors and Distinction

There are three different types of honors you can earn: With Honors in Engineering, With Research Distinction / Honors Research Distinction in Engineering, and Latin Honors.

With Honors in Engineering

Students who wish to graduate "With Honors in Engineering” must submit an approved Honors Contract to the College Office Honors Advisors. The Honors Contract initial application must be submitted to the College’s honors advisor via email by the end of the student's second spring term at Ohio State, with a finalized application submitted by the Second Friday of the student's second to last undergraduate semester.

If you have questions regarding Graduation with Honors, you may contact Stephanie Rinehart at .

Honors Program Eligibility

With Honors Research Distinction, or With Research Distinction

Students who have a 3.0 or higher CPHR and choose to complete an undergraduate research thesis project may graduate “With Research Distinction.” Honors students who complete undergraduate research requirements may graduate “With Honors Research Distinction”. This option must be arranged through the College of Engineering before the student’s final semester. Students must have an approved Undergraduate Research Proposal on file with the College’s Honors Advisor to be eligible for either option. Students should work with the College Office Honors advisors in 025 Hitchcock Hall to ensure they meet the requirements for the Distinction program.

If you have questions regarding Graduation with Research Distinction, you may contact Mike Knisley at  .

Research Guidelines

Latin Honors

Latin Honors are awarded based on students’ cumulative point-hour ratio as of the term penultimate to their graduation semester. Should a student earn a higher designation in the last term of enrollment, the higher honor will be awarded. In order to be eligible for these honors, a student must also have 60 graded credit hours of Ohio State courses. The CPHR requirements to graduate with Latin honors are as follows:

  1. Cum Laude (3.5-3.69)
  2. Magna Cum Laude (3.70-3.89)
  3. Summa Cum Laude (3.90+)

There are no exceptions made to the above requirements; these are based on university rules.

Honors Cords

Students who earn any of the honors listed above are eligible to wear Honors Cords at Commencement. (Each student wears only one set of cords, even if they have earned multiple honors.)

If you are eligible to wear Honors Cords at the upcoming Commencement, you will be notified by email in the last few weeks of the semester. You will also receive instructions by email for picking up your Honors Cords. Be sure to bring your BuckID or another form of identification when picking up your Honors Cords.

Make sure to bring these cords to the Commencement ceremony. Also, eligible students are welcome to pick up their Honors Cords as a memento even if they are not planning on attending the Commencement ceremony.