Interdisciplinary Curriculum

A multifaceted educational curriculum will allow students to confront the Grand Challenges with a wider breadth of knowledge, helping them to foster novel advancements.

An in-depth immersion in interdisciplinary curricula can be accomplished by taking three approved courses.

A medium-depth immersion in interndisciplinary curricula can be accomplished by taking two approved courses.

GCSP students are required to fulfill at least the medium-depth immersion for this requirement. The chosen courses can fall under any of the Grand Challenge themes. To allow for maximum scheduling flexibility, there is no requirement for students to concentrate their interdisciplinary coursework on one specific Grand Challenge theme. Each of the following example courses relates to a theme of the fourteen Grand Challenges. Other courses may be counted toward this requirement with the approval of the GCSP Steering Committee.


Energy & Environment

EARTH SCI 2155 - Energy and Environment
EARTH SCI 2203 - Environmental Geoscience
EARTH SCI 2204 - Exploring Water Issues
EARTH SCI 2210 - Energy, Mineral Resources, and Society
EARTH SCI 2220H - Contemporary Topics in Earth Sciences
EARTH SCI 3411 - Water Security for the 21st Century
EARTH SCI 4425 - Energy Resources and Sustainability
ECE 3040 - Sustainable Energy & Power Systems
ENR 2155 - Energy and Environment
ENR 2300 - Society and Natural Resources
ENR 2500 - Introduction to Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability
PHILOS 2342 - Environmental Ethics


BMI 5710 - Introduction to Biomedical Informatics
BMI 5720 - Introduction to Imaging Informatics
BMI 5730 - Introduction to Bioinformatics
BMI 5740 - Introduction to Research Informatics
BMI 5750 - Methods in Biomedical Informatics
BMI 5760 - Public Health Informatics
FDSCTE 4536 - Food Safety and Public Health
FABENG 3481 - Introduction to Food Engineering
FABENG 3510 - Introduction to Biological Engineering
HTHRH 3400 - Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
NEUROSC 4100 - Basic and Clinical Foundations of Neurological Disease
PATHOL 5733 - Human Genetics
PHARMCL 5852 - Biology of Aging
PHR 4100 - Biomedicinal Chemistry
PHR 4200 - Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry
PHR 4300 - Introduction to Pharmaceutics
PHR 4320 - Drug Discovery and Development
PHR 4330 - Basic Pharmacokinetics
PHR 4400 - Integrated Pharmacology
PHILOS 3341H - Ethical Conflicts in Healthcare Research, Policy, and Practice
PSYCH 4531 - Health Psychology
PUBHEHS 3310 - Current Issues in Global Environmental Health


CRPLAN 2200 - Sustainable Infrastructure Planning
CRPLAN 2210 - Sustainable Urbanism
CRPLAN 3400 - Planning for Sustainable Economic Development
CSE 4471 - Information Security
INSTDS 4700(H) - Terror and Terrorism
INSTDS 4701 - The Development and Control of Weapons of Mass Destruction
INSTDS 4803 - Intervening for Peace: Peacekeeping and Collective Security
INSTDS 4850 - Understanding the Global Information Society
POLITSCI 4310 - Security Policy
POLITSCI 4315 - International Security and the Causes of War
POLITSCI 4318 - The Politics of International Terrorism

Learning & Computation

ACCAD 5102 - Programming Concepts and Applications for Artists and Designers
ART 4401 - Computer Animation
BOIMEDE 4110 - Bioimaging
CSE 5526 - Introduction to Neural Networks
ESEPSY 2309 - Psychology Perspectives on Education
PSYCH 2311 - Psychology of Motivation
NEUROSC 3050 - Structure and Function of the Nervous System


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