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Summer Research Scholarship Program

The College of Engineering Undergraduate Summer Research Program is a program which provides $5,000 scholarships to first and second year students who are participating in their first research experience during Summer Term.  Students who have just begun participating in undergraduate research during the current academic year (fall or spring) may be eligible to receive this scholarship as well, but priority will be given to students who have not yet been significantly involved in a research experience.  Students who receive the scholarship will be responsible for working 30 hours per week for a total of 10 weeks during Summer Term.  Students who are technically rank 3 or 4 because of credit hours but still in the first or second year of their Engineering curriculum are still eligible - students who will graduate in the next 2 years are not eligible.

Students cannot directly apply for this scholarship – rather, faculty advisors who are supervising a research team must nominate an undergraduate student who is either currently working in or will be working in their lab during the summer.  Students who have just recently begun volunteering in a research lab or are planning on getting involved soon should talk to their faculty advisor about the possibility of submitting a nomination.  We will accept virtual projects again this summer.  For virtual projects, students and the faculty advisor must explain how the research will be done remotely.

If a faculty advisor wants to nominate a student for this scholarship, the student will still be responsible for completing a Student Eligibility Form as well as writing a 1-2 page project abstract describing the research they plan on completing during Summer Term.  Faculty members can also request the Nomination Packet from Mike Knisley - contact information found below.  Faculty advisors can assist students on how to write and what to include in a research abstract.  All nominations need to be submitted by a faculty advisor by Friday, March 1, 2024.

Decisions will be announced by Monday, April 1.  For questions about this opportunity, email Mike Knisley at, or speak to an Engineering research faculty advisor.

Summer Research Scholarship Program

Contact Information:

Mike Knisley


Student Eligibility Form