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Translating Engineering Research to K-8 (TEK8)


Translating Engineering Research to K-8 (TEK8) is a combined research and outreach program involving undergraduate engineering students and area partner STEM schools. In the summer, Ohio State students participate in paid summer research internships under engineering faculty. Then in autumn, these students are joined by graduate students in Engineering Education in a service learning course (ENGR 4850S/6850S) that teaches them how to develop age-appropriate engineering design challenges that exemplify the societal significance of the research. The design challenges, which can be executed in 90 minutes or less using everyday, low-cost materials, are team-delivered at underserved partner school, Metro Middle School.


The program was created to improve engineering career awareness in K-8 students by exposing them to the engineering design process in a hands-on way. It also builds communication skills in university students as they relate technical experiences to youth and the general public. In the last phase of the course, design challenges are posted online ( for the benefit of teachers and informal STEM educators.


For more information, contact Howard Greene, Director of K-12 Outreach at or 614-688-7541



TEK8 University student leads middle school students in a design challenge


TEK-8 Contact Information

Howard Greene

Director of K-12 Outreach