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The Ohio State Scholars Program at The Ohio State University offers academically motivated students the opportunity to meet and live with other students who share similar interests. Each of the seventeen programs are centered around a particular theme or area of study with curricular and co-curricular components coordinated to build community.

Since membership to each Scholars program is only open to new first year students enrolling on Columbus campus in autumn semester, the application to a Scholars program is integrated into the admission process to the University. Students who are applying for admission in the College of Engineering can apply to any of the Scholars programs offered by the university! Each program is centered around a theme or area of study, and students can apply to programs of interest regardless of their intended major.

The College of Engineering currently sponsors two Scholars programs: the Green Engineering Scholars program and the Humanitarian Engineering Scholars program.

Engineering Scholars

​​​In the Engineering Scholars program, students...

  • Build community with fellow Engineering Scholars through clustered residential housing and first-year Engineering courses.
  • Connect with upper classmen, graduate students, and faculty in engineering to explore enriched curricular academic experiences, such as  undergraduate research or graduate school.
  • Identify their strengths as a leader and understand how to effectively contribute to a team based on their leadership style.
  • Connect with industry professionals in various fields of engineering in which green engineering practices are used.
  • Explore opportunities in which they can apply their knowledge of the environment to service projects within the community.
  • Support younger students (in junior high, high school) interested in engineering by teaching them what it means to be an engineer

Program Coordinator: Shalonda Makupson-Tilford,, 614-292-3529

For more information regarding the Engineering Scholars program please visit the Honors & Scholars Center 

Humanitarian Engineering Scholars

​​In the Humanitarian Engineering Scholars program, students...

  • Build community with fellow Humanitarian Engineering Scholars through clustered residential housing and first-year Engineering courses.
  • Look at problems through a humanitarian lens, keeping culture in mind when creating solutions.
  • Create or articulate potential solutions that are identified through participation in opportunities that incorporate community service.
  • Connect course content learned in Fundamentals of Engineering with Humanitarian Engineering initiatives.
  • Provide support and engagement in the area of STEM education to students in the city of Columbus.
  • Identify various academic-related resources provided to them through the College of Engineering and the University as a whole.

Program Coordinator: Ada Keohane,, 614-292-0007 

For more information about the Humanitarian Engineering Scholars program please visit the Honors & Scholars Center