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Andrew Ackerman


About Me

Major: Electrical & Computer Engineering
Explored: Aerospace, Engineering Physics, Mechanical, History, Journalism
Class Rank: 3
Involvement:  STEP, Phi Kappa Tau, Electronics Club, Boys and Girls Club of Columbus, Cat Walfare Association of Columbus
Work Experience: Honda
Hometown: Merrick, NY

My Academic Path

I decided I wanted to pursue engineering from my mentors in high school. At Ohio State, I utilized resources that I learned about in my survey course, which included the Engineering Advising Website, my academic advisor, and other peers. I contacted my survey instructor, who was my first advisor, and talked about my interests in engineering. After discussing the ECE program with my current advisor, I decided to pursue that as my major. I took their advice, along with my own personal research about my future career. I am glad that I used these resources, as I am happy with my choice of major.