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Rashed AlRashed


About Me

Major: Mechanical Engineer
Explored:Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Class Rank: 4
Involvement:  UG Research, ASME, OSU Dance Sport
Hometown: Omariya, Farwaniya, Kuwait

My Academic Path

I came into the Ohio State University with Mechanical Engineering as my pre-major; this was definitely influenced by both my parents and my interest in the relevant engineering topics during high school. Although, during my time at OSU, I found the engineering topics to be very difficult- even failing Calculus II once- then getting only a ‘C’ after repeating it. After almost giving up and switching to Civil Engineering, I gave it my all, using OSU resources like speaking with my advisor, going to office hours, and establishing a connection with my professors. This approach helped tremendously; I got an ‘A’ after my third time repeating the class, and I managed to get into the major. I am also pleased to say that a year after my acceptance I am so very glad I never switched majors, because I truly realized this major is the one for me.