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Sam Botkin


About Me

Major: Chemical Engineering
Explored: ISE, Materials, Mechanical, Actuarial Science, Business
Class Rank: 4
Involvement:  Scholars, STEP, Phi Sigma Rho, Taekwondo Club, Rock City Church
Education Abroad: Greece
Work Experience: Ethicon, Alkermes, Nalco
Hometown: West Chester, OH

My Academic Path

In high school I loved math and science, especially Chemistry, so when I started looking for possible majors in college Chemical Engineering was one of my top choices. In order to be sure of my choice, I talked to several of my parents' friends who were chemical engineers, and job shadowed several people of different professions. When I came to college and was a Chemical Engineering pre-major, I talked to upperclassmen chemical engineers and talked to the Chemical Engineering adviser who went over the different engineering majors’ curriculums with me to see the different classes that each required. I am very sure that I made the right decision to be a chemical engineer.