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Mateo Coman


About Me

Major: Civil Engineering
Explored: Environmental, Mechanical, Finance, Operations Purchasing, Logistics
Class Rank: 4
Involvement:  Civil Engineering Mentorship
Work Experience: ICEIN, Whiting Turner
Hometown: Brighton, MI

My Academic Path

I never really knew what I wanted to be and was interested in a lot of different majors. My parents always wanted me to be an engineer, but I wasn't entirely convinced. A junior in Fisher’s Business school that I became friends with explained to me that often many people work in fields that they did not study. And I always knew that I was a much more business-minded person. I did not ever want to sit behind a computer and do programming, and it wasn't until I was introduced to the project management aspect of civil engineering that I was sold on my major. I think it's really important for students to choose a major that they like but realize that they won't be confined to the field forever, and many will have the opportunity to work outside of the field or use their background knowledge in other industries.