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Grace D'Avanzo


About Me

Major: Computer Science and Engineering
Explored: Biomedical, Electrical, Materials Science, Fine Arts, Biology
Class Rank: 4
Involvement:  Honors, TA, Tutoring
Work Experience: PriceWaterhouseCoopers
Hometown: Eastchester, NY

My Academic Path

I came into OSU as a fine arts major with a specialization in art and technology. My art advisor helped me plan out getting a minor in computer science and after my first programming class I fell in love with the field. My advisor was extremely helpful, and I was lucky enough that she was switched into the CSE advising office from the Art advising office at the same time that I transferred majors. At first it was really difficult and I felt a bit like an imposter in all my math and science classes due to switching in late. However, I befriended a lot of my classmates and developed a support system within the major that really encouraged me to keep at it. Developing good relations with your peers is extremely helpful for making the engineering classes less intimidating.