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Aaron Drewes

  • Materials/Fab Lab Asst I, Knowlton Schl of Architecture
  • 275 W Woodruff Ave
    Columbus, OH 43210


About Me

Major: Civil Engineering
Explored:  Civil, Industrial, Mechanical, Welding
Class Rank: 4
Involvement: Club Water Polo, Wolf-PAC, Makers Club
Work Experience: Alex Products
Hometown: Napoleon, OH

My Academic Path

Leading into my freshman year of college, I was a Mechanical Engineering pre-major. I took some classes at my high school, and it seemed like mechanical was the route I wanted to go. I enjoyed building, so it seemed like a good fit to me. Then college started, and it was difficult. Entering my second year I had my doubts on whether I wanted to stay ME or not, so I started looking around. I looked at Welding, Industrial Systems, and Civil Engineering. After looking up videos online on what each engineer does, and talking to my cousin, who is a civil engineer, and another close friend who is mechanical, I decided to move into Civil Engineering, where I currently am.