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Lauren Etzwiler


About Me

Major: Environmental Engineering
Explored:Aerospace, Civil, Environmental, Architecture, Landscape Architecture
Class Rank: 5
Involvement:  Scholars, Chi Omega, Philipino Student Association, Ohio Air National Guard
Work Experience: The Ohio Department of Transportation, American Municipal Power
Hometown: Ashland, OH

My Academic Path

The path to picking my major was rather messy, and I didn't officially decide what I wanted to pursue until my second year at Ohio State. I took the time to talk to students and advisers from all the programs I was looking in to. It was especially helpful to connect with older students in each program, and see what they were working on, gather their experiences with classes and projects, and to do my own research on the types of careers I would be able to pursue. The beginning engineering coursework was helpful to touch upon different types of engineering, and I was quickly able to see my academic strengths and weaknesses which helped me eliminate some of the majors I was thinking about. As of now, I am extremely happy with my major choice.