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Emily Fox

  • Telecounselor, Outreach & Recruitment


About Me

Major: Chemical Engineering
Explored: Biomedical, Computer Science & Engineering, Chemistry, Business
Class Rank: 5
Involvement:  Honors, SWE, Tau Beta Pi Honors Society, Society of Petroleum Engineers
Work Experience: ExxonMobil
Hometown: Rocky River, OH

My Academic Path

When deciding on my major, I first considered what I wanted to do with my degree. During my first year, I was considering a career in business, medicine, pharmacy, or engineering. I chose to enroll in engineering because I had heard from friends, teachers, and my siblings that an undergraduate degree in engineering would be well-suited for any of those disciplines. I had great experiences with the TAs and faculty within FEH, which solidified my choice in studying engineering. I chose Chemical Engineering because I wanted to keep my options open for pharmacy school. I am very happy with my decision. As I enter my fifth year, I strongly feel that Chemical Engineering will give me a very versatile degree with lots of opportunities for my career path.