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Andi Garver


About Me

Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering
Minor: Biomedical Engineering
Explored: Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Class Rank: 4
Involvement: Wi3+, BuckeyeThon, IISE, IIP, AWARES, Wexner Medical Center volunteer, Bible Study Small Group
Work Eperience: PCMS Datafit
Hometown: Findlay, OH

My Academic Path

The path that I took to exploring and finally deciding on a major was rather complex. I originally applied to OSU as University Exploration. I talked to my friends, family, and trusted community members to aid in the decision process. I also spent countless hours online, learning as much as I could about the different possibilities. It can be hard to rule out majors, but I tried to put myself in specific positions and determine if my long-term goals could be met there and that helped a lot. I was hesitant to choose a major because I felt pressure to stay in my first choice. Even though this ended up being what happened, college is the place to figure it out. I am very confident with where I am now in my major and am more assured every day.