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Katrina Gates

  • Service Project Lead, SAF-Buck-I-Serv


About Me

Major: Food, Agriculture, & Biological Engineering
Explored: Engineering Physics, Computer Science, Mechanical
Class Rank: 4
Involvement:  Scholars, STEP, UG Research, Gamma Phi Beta, Buck-I-SERV, Panhellenic Association Recruitment Guide
Work Experience: American Red Cross
Hometown: Wellesley, MA

My Academic Path

I started as Computer Science & Engineering and switched my major four times since I started college. For each of these major switches, including two that were outside the College of Engineering, I really immersed myself into the majors. I participated in hack-a-thon, make-a-thon, held jobs in those fields, and slowly figured out what I wanted to pursue. I talked to professors, my parents, academic advisers and if I didn’t love the jobs associated with that major then I would switch it. I am shaping my future in Biological Engineering and I am finally settled. I now understand that this was not necessarily the most accurate way to tell if I loved my major, but I think it led me to where I am meant to be.