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Anthony Gaughan


About Me

Major: Aerospace Engineering
Explored: Chemical, Business, Finance
Class Rank: 4
Involvement:  Chi Phi, BuckeyeThon, Club Golf
Work Experience: Ohio Golf Association, Sports Imports
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

My Academic Path

When I entered as a freshman, I was torn between Chemical and Aerospace Engineering. I didn't necessarily enjoy Chemistry coursework, but I was really good at those classes. However, while I wasn't as good at the physics and calculus work that seemed more applicable to aerospace, working with planes was a dream of mine. I ultimately decided on AAE because I felt that although it would require more effort and time to pursue this discipline, I would be happier in my future career if I was working with something I love. I made this decision by thinking long and hard on my own and also talking to my advisor. Looking back on my decision, while I have had some struggles, I still feel that I made the correct major decision.