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Madison Goodwin


About Me

Major: Aerospace Eingineering
Explored: Environmental, Mechanical, Accounting
Class Rank: 3
Involvement:  STEP, Pi Beta Phi
Study Abroad: Greece
Hometown: Brunswick, OH

My Academic Path

I came into college as Engineering Undecided and used the survey class to help me figure out what path I wanted to take. I talked to my undecided advisor, advisors in the fields I was interested in, and upperclassmen that I knew were engineers to hear about my options and learn more about different fields. I thought I wanted to do Mechanical Engineering, but I realized that field was very competitive and so I looked into other types of engineering that were like it and found Aerospace. When looking online about Aerospace Engineering it really intrigued me and I knew it was what I wanted to do. I just got accepted into the Aerospace program last winter break and I am so happy with my decision; the material we are learning is so interesting and I know I chose the right career path.