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Oliver Hesmondhalgh

  • Student Assistant 2, CEMAS


About Me

Major: Materials Science Engineering
Explored: Aerospace, Chemical, Civil, Mechanical, Accounting, Biochemistry, Chemistry
Class Rank: 4
Involvement:  Scholars, STEP, UG Research, Phi Kappa Tau, COE Hometown Ambassador, TEK8
Hometown: Aurora, OH

My Academic Path

I came to OSU knowing I would enjoy engineering, but not what type. My choice, in the end, depended on my previous experience as well as information provided by current students and advisors. Since I liked working on cars throughout high school, I figured ME would be a great fit; I quickly learned otherwise while taking my first physics class. I also loved AP Chemistry in high school, so I narrowed my choices down to CBE and MSE. After talking to advisors and peers in respective majors, I found that MSE was the best fit for me. After recently starting MSE specific courses, I like where I am and enjoy the content of the classes despite the difficulty.