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Nick Hofacker


About Me

Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering
Minor: Business, History
Explored: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Class Rank: 4
Involvement: Honors, STEP, National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), Intramural sports, Academic Path Peer
Education Abroad: London, Paris, Krakow, Berlin
Work Experience: S&V Industries, FirstEnergy
Hometown Fairlawn, OH

My Academic Path

The biggest help was learning about certain aspects of different majors and talking to friends or advisers who had more experience on choosing a major. After I took FEH, I developed a better sense of what interested me. I felt that programming wasn't something I wanted to do all day and I didn't want a major that heavily relied on understanding physics. I talked to a variety of older students to see how they felt about their current major and I discussed different options with my academic adviser. Currently, I feel that I am more confident about my major.