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Natalie Kelly


About Me

Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering
Explored: Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering
Class Rank: 5
Affiliation: Phi Sigma Rho
Involvement: Scholars, UG Research, Phi Sigma Rho, European Baking Club, Ronald McDonald House volunteer
Work Experience: Whirlpool Corporation, Eaton Corporation
Hometown Rocky River, OH

My Academic Path

In order to determine the major that I wanted to choose I spoke with many upperclassmen in various majors about what they were studying and what classes they were taking, as well as what future careers they hoped to have. Additionally, I spoke with various academic advisors to question them about where graduates had taken jobs after college, any post-graduate programs that some continued onto, and how the application process worked. I enjoy my major and the courses because I have found the engineering field that combines business and people skills, which are two aspects that I was looking for in an engineering major.