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Ellen Khau

  • Student Manager, Dining Services Union Admin


About Me

Major: Computer Science & Engineering
Explored: Biomedical, Electrical & Computer Science, Computer & Information Science, Communications, English, Art & Technology
Class Rank: 4+
Involvement:  Gamma Rho Lambda, J2K, oSTEM
Work Experience: L Brands
Hometown: Brooklyn, OH

My Academic Path

I had many interests coming into college, I wanted to focus on making video games, but I also found prosthetics interesting as well. One of the biggest factors was talking with upperclassmen (I knew a few from my sister and my co-workers) and my fellow classmates. I definitely heard a lot about Computer Information Science since it's similar to what I am studying currently. I think another big factor in my major decision was how I wasn't a very creative person, which lead me to not lean towards a more Arts based major.